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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The exciting news is here!

It has been a really long time coming but here I am posting the "NEW" information.  We are now selling soap!  Yay!  Our business name is "From Back Then".  Here is our logo!

If you would like to buy some soap please contact us or stop by Titanium Crossfit to purchase during their regular hours. 

We will be selling many different types of soaps with many different scents.  We have a shea butter soap, a goat's milk base, as well as our main base which is a blend of coconut oil, olive oil and tallow.  

Our scents include, rose, eucalyptus, tangerine bergamot, fennel anise and many more to come.  
If you prefer unscented we have those too.  Our bar named Mr.Vail is unscented with oatmeal, and coming soon is a charcoal bar and our coconut milk based soap.

Our etsy shop is now open.  Keep watching for new products. 
Check it out here.

We are passionate about this and we hope that you are happy with your products.