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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I like to call this one, who needs veggies?

mmmm, ribs!
If you are interested, please comment on the picture and I can add the recipe. 
Until then, you can drool over the pictures.


  1. Recipe please!!! Looks delicious!!!!

  2. This is an easy one. Get a rub (we currently use Clubhouse, not paleo friendly because of sugar, glucose fructose and other things but we will post a homemade version once we figure it out) and some ribs. Cut off as much fat as you can (if needed) and then cut between each rib so that they are individual ribs now. Add the rub generously to the ribs, let marinate for at least an hour, more if you have time. Transfer to a pan and cook for about an hour at about 350F. Play with it, find out if you prefer yours well done or a little less done.